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DCI Center for Buddhist Studies

was established to be the center for study and research for early Theravada Buddhism, to guide the world by the light of the Buddha’s philosophy, to change our world to be a better place so the human race can live together in peace and develop both economic and spiritual growth simulteously. The main focus is to train student monks to be well-versed in the knowledge of the Dhamma (pariyatti), who practice Dhamma on a daily basis (patipatti), who mediate to attain enlightenment (pativedha), and who preach the wisdom of the Buddha to the lay people (dessanā). The goal is for our graduated monks to be exemplary role models to lay people and to apply Buddhist principles to advise the lay people how to solve their present day problems most effectively

Excel in the study and application
of the dhamma and promulgate
Buddhism to the world

ปริยัติ ปฏิบัติ ปฏิเวธ เทศนาแกล้วกล้า เผยแผ่พระพุทธศาสนา สู่ประชาคมโลก

Phragrupalad Suvattanabodhigun
(Somchai Thanavuddho), M.D., Ph.D.
Director of DCI Center for Buddhist Studies

Academic works and Research are fact finding activities done systematically

The knowledge from these academic works can be put into practice to make people’s lives better. It includes looking outside Buddhism in order to create right view in the world. This will be beneficial to Buddhism both nationally and in other countries. If we want to propagate Buddhism and dhamma practice effectively throughout the world, we must have strong academic support.

DCIBS Academic Projects

DCI-PKU Pāli Tipitaka
Translation Project 

International Buddhist 
Seminar and Conference

Dhammadhara Journal
of Buddhist Studies

DCI Center for Buddhist Studies (ศูนย์พุทธศาสตร์ศึกษา DCI)
75 Mu.1, Sai Noi, Bangban District, Phra Nakorn Si Ayutthaya 13250, Thailand

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